Finally - what you've been looking for! A course that gives you the confidence and tools to have the conversations that you've been avoiding - without the overwhelm.

  • You

    We take a look at what's holding you back from having the conversations you want to have.

  • Your Co-workers

    You'll learn how to better understand your co-workers and communicate more effectively.

  • The Conversations

    We'll identify the 3 hardest types of conversations and create a simple plan that has an imprtant impact..

Have the real conversations with your co-workers instead of wasting hours having imaginary conversations inside your head.

  • No more wasting time waiting for someone to give you permission.

  • No more sleepless nights worrying about how to have the your important conversation.

  • You will go from wishing you had said... to confidently saying it and having exactly the impact you know you can have.

  • Instructor

    Lisa Guida is a co-founder of Unlearnings and the founder of Why Leap Alliance Inc. She has spent years as an executive coach and even more importantly she knows how to grow people, build teams, and serve clients while profitably growing businesses. She's been a plant manager of 2 facilities, a Corporate Quality Director of 3 facilities and a medical packaging division. She's worked with companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Pepsico, 3m and many more.

    Lisa Guida

Difficult Conversations Hey, how do I say this...

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to the course!
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    • Introduction to the Course
  • 02
    Mod 1 All about YOU
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    • Mod 1 Intro to this section
    • Watch after introduction
    • Mod 1a Permission
    • Mod 1b Fears & Doubts
    • Mod 1c Pattern Habits
    • Mod 1d How & Wrap it UP
  • 03
    Mod 2 All About Who You Are Talking To
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    • Mod 2 Intro to this section
    • Mod 2a Curiosity
    • Mod 2b Worldviews
    • Mod 2c Listening
    • Mod 2 How & Wrap it UP
  • 04
    Mod 3 The Conversations
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    • Mod 3 Intro to this section
    • Mod 3a The Ask
    • Mod 3b Presenting Your Idea
    • Mod 3c Feedback
    • Mod 3 How - 7 Step Framework
  • 05
    What's Next & Resources
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    • Congrats! Here's what's next
    • Difficult Conversations Course Guide
    • Difficult Conversations 7 Step Framework
    • Difficult Conversation Resources
    • BONUS:The 5 Best Ways to Work on Cool Projects Infographic

Confidently have the conversations you have been avoiding.

This is a DYI course and we have a monthly Zoom call which you can join with any questions or challenges.

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No more avoiding important conversations

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